War of the Ring Online Client

This is a program I wrote in 2006 which lets you play War of the Ring over the internet. It doesn't enforce the rules, though it does provide a good selection of shortcuts. I gave it some major updates in October 2007, and a minor one in June 2010.

A readme file is included. Discuss the program and find opponents either on Veldrin's War of the Ring Forum or Boardgamegeek.

21 June 2010: Initial upload of version 2.2.

8 July 2010: Minor update: new images for Flocks of Crebain and Palantir of Orthanc, which had typos.

30 July 2010: Minor update: correct for a bug in recent Java versions (Java 6 update 18+) which limits the number of threads. This was breaking the observers feature and could conceivably have caused bugs related to connecting to opponents.

31 Auguest 2010: Tiny update: Mac-only interface fix - previously, the tabbed Shadow/Free/Hunt pane wasn't big enough.